describing an action that's extremely easy.
When asked to put his index finger on his nose by the police officer, Cristian said, "That's a cinch!"
by Lynne Potente October 7, 2004
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Something that is just so unbelieveably easy. Sometimes goes along with the action of rubbing your fingers together like Rob Schneider in home alone when he's expecting his tip after carrying kevin mccallisters luggage to his room. Word was invented by Ryan Hasty in 3rd grade at north broadway
Justin: "Dude can you beat Toby in hacky sack?"

Hasty: "Freakin CINCHE man"
by Sdtrojankid July 13, 2009
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The contraction of an anus. Brought on by panic, risk, excitement or just discomfort. Sometimes an involuntary reaction. Sometimes intentional.
As he drove through the width restriction he cinched.

As he prepared to bungee jump he felt his anus cinch from 50p to 10p
by Mr Teapee January 8, 2022
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hot cowboy that treats girls with respect and works hard
that kid is going to be a cinch some day
by brad finkel December 25, 2017
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If someone sneaks up behind you, you better cinch yourself.
by Ammmmerrrzz May 6, 2019
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Being cinched aka tucking is the act of a drag queen pulling back his genitals to create the illusion of having a woman's vulva. A tuck is often held by panty hose, duct tape or tight underwear.
"Are you cinched?"
by Skylark_774 March 24, 2017
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The universal definition is "to get something done," but it can be stretched to mean "to close the deal," "to sell," etc. The opposite of procrastinating.
Person 1: I'm almost done with this report! I'm so close to cinching the peet!
Person 2: Yeah, dude, cinch the peet!
by The Best Bean April 23, 2015
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