Having to go to the bathroom. Used when travelling in a car and requesting the driver to stop at a restroom.
I drank too much water before we left that now I need a pit stop
by doclagoa March 22, 2006
A lesbian act where one girl eats a peach out of the other girls ass, and spits the pit in her vagina.
I'd pay fucking cash money to see Michelle Bachman pit stop Sarah Palin.
by Peaches and Creem August 16, 2011
Pit Stop - when the guy is bent over doggie style the girl jacks you off and puts her finger in your butt.
by Ryan, Justin November 1, 2008
When a man is riding his partner (much like a car) and his rubber breaks (much like a tire) so a third party member runs in, changes his rubber in a jiffy (record being 0.88 seconds) and the man then resumes riding.
Josh: Dude I superman'd that hoe last night!
Alek: That's so 2000's. It's the new decade, we pit stop them hoes.
by Boris Obamavich January 10, 2010
When you do a quick sniff of your armpits to make sure you don't have B.O. People often make pit stops after going to the gym, being extremely close to other people, or on hot days.
I just made a pit stop to make sure that I didn't need to reapply deodorant.
by sunshinegirllllll September 6, 2010
The act of having sexual intercourse by placing the penis in the armpit of a woman and thrusting back and forth.
This chick was on her period so she gave me the best pit stop!
by TheMasterOfBates April 17, 2011