Of colossal excellence or greatness. The most esteemed level of hierarchical stature.
"Boy, I tell you, that Andy Ford (www.andyford.com)is one stupendous muthf*cka!
by Gay Gayerson July 3, 2003
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another, better, word for terrfic, amazing, awesome....etc
last night was stupendous, today at school we had a food fight, it was stupendous!!

Main line: how was your day?
Response: STUPENDOUS!! =
by Mattt Zollinger April 5, 2008
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The only word that comes to mind when you accidentally use "stupid" to describe someone right in front of you.
"Jeez. You are the most stu........ stupendous person I have ever known!"
by cartography_enthusiast December 5, 2020
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Colossally inept or stupid.
Bubba, you the most stupendous person I ever known.
by harry flashman July 17, 2003
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A mix of "stupendous" and "terrific".
I had a stupendic time at the fair last night.
by Marion December 28, 2004
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When something beyond amazing. A combination of the words stupendous and wonderful.
Guy 1: So how was last night with Lexi?

Guy 2: Ah Man! it was stupenderful!
by maxter723 March 1, 2009
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