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A really crappy ISP. This 'lawyer' who is trying to sue urbandictionary is just a stupid idiot who doesn't realize that this is a site where anyone can post their definition, and a lawsuit against it would abridge free speech.
Read the first amendment, you bozo!
by Bob882 August 28, 2004

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Something that is often set people up.
What happen?

Somebody set us up the bomb!
by Bob882 August 28, 2004

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What Teal'c always says in the TV show Stargate SG - 1.
O'Neill: Wow, Teal'c, you sure do say indeed a lot.

Teal'c: Indeed.
by Bob882 January 06, 2005

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Spell it backwards, see what you get.
Mad dog, a creative new insult
by Bob882 September 21, 2004

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An evil laugh. Used when you want to laugh evilly.
My sister: Hey, where's my toothbrush?

Me: Here you go

Her: Thanks!

Me: Haha, I put it in the toilet!!

Her: EEEWWWWW!!!!!

by Bob882 October 11, 2004

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1. A galaxy approximately twice the size of the Milky Way, visible in the night sky.

2. A sci - fi TV show that used to be good, but has become lame in the later episodes.

3. A character in Greek Mythology that was rescued by Perseus.
I had just finished writing my Greek Mythology paper on Andromeda, so I went upstairs to watch Andromeda on TV. However, it was lame because it was a season 5 episode, so I went outside and watched the real Andromeda.
by Bob882 July 06, 2004

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The best late - night television programming block in the universe.
Hey, let's go watch adult swim!
by Bob882 October 03, 2004

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