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A sport wherein participants compete in running events (AKA races of varying length, or in field events, which usually involve trying to propel oneself higher or throw something farther than someone else.

Running events include long distance, middle distance, sprints, and hurdles. Field events usually include discus, shotput, pole vault, high jump, and long jump.

1)-"I'm totally going out for track and field this year."
-"You're going out for track? Why?"
-"'Cause that's where all the hot runners are."
by bluesmobile June 4, 2006
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1) The sense of logical reasoning and problem solving skills as applied to practical situations that all inteligent beings should and usually do have. Whether they actually use it is another issue.

2)A pamphlet written by none other than Thomas Paine prior to the American Revolution. It railed against British policies in it's colonies, and got many colonists (the intelligent and/or educated ones who could read, anyway) to question British rule of America. This, of course, was yet another paving stone on the road to revolution and the creation of the United States of America as we know it today.
1) "You don't need education to know that's stupid... just use your common sense."

2) The man read Common Sense by Thomas Paine. Then, he decided to go burn his stamps and not buy any more British tea.
by bluesmobile February 2, 2006
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1)(v)To have sex with someone and possibly make them think you love them, then leave and break off the relationship.

2)(n) For some people, a philosophy of life.
1) "I hate b**ches so I love 'em and leave 'em..."

2) Drunk Guy 1: "I hate women..." *looks down into beer*
Drunk Guy2: "Women aren't worth your trouble... all they do is cause you pain... love 'em and leave 'em, I say."
by bluesmobile March 16, 2006
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1)A small Midwestern former mill town located somewhere in Ohio.
2)A song by the same name performed by The Tragically Hip. Said song makes very little sense, as does the use of the name of afore-mentioned Midwestern town in the song.
1)There's a town called Chagrin Falls somewhere in Ohio.
2)"Chagrin Falls, Ohio..."- "Chagrin Falls", The Tragically Hip
by bluesmobile January 31, 2006
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1) the physical act of, basically, moving your feet in a fast rythmic motion to propel yourself forward at a greater speed than if you were walking or jogging.
2) a sport, wherein people run as a form of athletic activity as opposed to merely another action that a person can take. In other words, they run for the sake of running (or in order to compete with other individuals in an event called a "race.") Some people totally dedicate themselves to this sport, to the point where it is a major part of their lives. Others do it on a fairly regular basis in order to stay in shape, or as part of a training/workout regimen.
Still others run occasionally, when they feel like it.
In order to run well, it helps to have good form (running incorrectly can put stress on your joints and be even more painful), good endurance, patience, and commitment (you don't just give up after 5 seconds, or you'll never get anywhere).
1) He was running through the snow to escape the grizzly bear. Then, he realized this was rather stupid because trying to outrun a grizzly is pretty much pointless. They're too fast.

2) The cross country kids went running after school. Everyone else stared at them funny because it was 25 degrees out and snowing.
by bluesmobile February 9, 2006
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A concept propagated by hippies and other counter-culture rebels during the tumult of the 60s and 70s. The idea is that people should be free to love each other with no commitment besides what they feel is right.
This was tied in with such cultural landmarks as communes and Woodstock, and lead to quite a few confused young people having as much sex as possible, due to an urge to break old boundaries and rules and explore their newfound "free" sexuality.
Hippie 1: "Hey man."
Hippie 2: "Yeah, man, what's up?"
Hippie 1: "They're having a protest meeting over on that hill tommorow night. There's gonna be a lot of girls there."
Hippie 1: "Righteous, man."
Random Bystander: "Why do you kids all have sex with each other? There's no commitment anymore..." *shakes head*
Hippie 1: "Hey, man, that's not cool. Free love, man, peace love and happiness!"
Hippie 2: "Yeah, and screw the establishment!"

*Random Bystander walks away*
by bluesmobile March 18, 2006
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