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Formed in 1983 in Kingston, Ontario, this Canadian rock band has produced over ten critically acclaimed studio albums and have enjoyed immense success in their native Canada, but are yet to thoroughly penetrate the global music scene, although they do have dedicated followings in the United States and Europe.

Their music can be described as 'the thinking man's rock.' It can range from bluesy or folksy rock to prog-rock, but can always be set firmly into the 'Alternative' archetype. Their songs are marked by driving guitar, masterful solos, and lead singer Gord Downie's poignant, humorous, and remarkably poetic lyrics.

The Hip are renowned for their fantastic, frenetic live shows. Whether in small nightclub venues in the U.S. or in sold-out arena shows, you can be sure to enjoy a lively, involving rock spectacle enhanced by Gord Downie's spastic on-stage antics and improvisation.

For a solid sampling of The Hip, check out the albums Fully Completely, Phantom Power, Up to Here, and In Between Evolution.
The Tragically Hip are one of the best rock bands of the past twenty years.
by stormlobster April 25, 2005
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The worst "rock band" of all time. Extremely mediocre guitar, bass and drums. Singer sounds like a sheep being bludgeoned to death. A staple of any Canadian radio station because their boring, depressing songs can be related to by all the failures in the world.
While driving to school on a cold, cloudy November morning, the Tragically Hip was playing on the radio

Gord Downie is a fucking wierdo (Lead singer of The Tragically Hip)

The Tragically Gip is the shitty version of REM
by WAPFTW January 31, 2010
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