How "yes" sounds when used with a Spanish accent.

Also see jes (second definition)
by stop it loser February 28, 2009
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to unexpectedly and mysteriously embark on a journey of self-exploration and descent while leaving friends and comrades left to speculate.

to "pull a ches"


to flunk out.
Wow... that vomit covered monster with twigs in his hear really pulled a ches.
by french broad September 06, 2008
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People who posses the name Che are very intelligent, weird but cool, kind, Loyal, caring, always has their friends/family/Lova back and are always ready for a challenge. They also have a unique personality that not only attracts individuals but affects them in such a positive way that people may even classify them as "an angel in disguise". People with the name Che are attracted to any music and love drama. With their unique personality and Leadership quality, they can change the world into a positive place.
by God is good all the time May 10, 2018
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The Chinese way of saying "Thank You"
He licked my ta-ta then i replied with, "Che-Che"
by YoAdriaane November 21, 2004
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Che Guevara, Revolutionary leader of Cuba which overthrew the Bautista Regime in the late 50's
by CrazyBaldhead. July 11, 2003
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Its a word used all over Argentina to call a person, similar to "hey". It has no meaning,it is slightly informal, you can use it at the beginning, in the middle, or in the end of any thing you say. Ernesto "Che" Guevara was a revolutionary leader who as any other Argentinian used the word "che". He was called "che" in foreign countries beacuse he used the word very often, its not that the word was created after him!
"che, estás ocupado?" "hey, are you busy?"
by sourbandic February 25, 2007
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