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A nickname for Shinku from Rozen Maiden. Comes from her love of tea and general bitchiness.
For all her faults, I still find teabitch to be less annoying than desu.
by birdboy2000 July 11, 2008
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1. The bearer of the crest of love in digimon adventure, who has been the subject of many a coupling war and bashed relentlessly by those who would pair Taichi with Yamato(AKA Sora Takenouchi)
2. The star of Kingdom Hearts, who I don't know much about
3. A twin blade in .hack//SIGN known for his annoying voice, who often acts as an information source for BT
Taiora and Sorato are overrated, Takeru is the logical one to pair Sora with, support Sokeru!(Sorry about the heavy partisanship.)
by birdboy2000 February 10, 2004
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Usually used to refer to the attacks of a pokemon getting a 50% increase when using moves of their own type.
While Psychic is the premier psychic-type move to begin with, when combined with STAB and the high special attack of an Espeon, it's nothing short of deadly.
by birdboy2000 July 7, 2004
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"Kill my boss? Do I dare live out the great american dream?"-Homer Simpson(Probably misquoted.)
by birdboy2000 February 22, 2004
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To vomit. The term comes from the vomit-inducing television series.
My sister got a bad fever and ended up "American Idol"ing three times.
by birdboy2000 July 7, 2004
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A barbaric method of punishment still carried out in areas such as the deep south, the midwest, and the middle east.
Thankfully, New England's plunged out of barbarism, so we have no death penalty.
by birdboy2000 July 10, 2004
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A peculiar form of government native to New England, which few other places have managed to emulate.
Democracy works, but it's being overtaken by federalism these days.
by birdboy2000 December 9, 2004
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