Doujinshi is amateur manga publications, featuring either a cast of original characters and plot or characters from another manga or an anime (a 'fan manga'). There's all sorts of doujinshi, though it isn't as widely circulated as more popular mangas, such as CLAMP works. Doujinshi is often cheap but is just as good as regular manga (well, some of the time...), and is sold on eBay,, and other sites. Even if it isn't your bag, it's nice to take a peek and see a fan's perspective on Naruto... kinky pairings, too.
"I hunted for doujinshi all night..."
by Oh the insanity... November 6, 2003
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A Japanese word meaning a work published by a specific interest group for other members of that interest group. Doujinshi usually refers to fan made manga or soft. Because of the copyright laws in Japan fans can get away with making and selling doujinshi featuring their favorite characters from anime and video games although doujinshi also often times feature original characters and stories. A common misunderstanding is that all doujinshi are x-rated fan works but this is not always the case.
Jesse spends all his money of doujinshi and video games.
by SailorH May 25, 2003
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A comic or artbook that is based upon either original or existing storylines and plots. hentai doujinshi is popular among japanese audiences for the fact it contains nudity and sex of their favourite video games/cartoon characters often drawn by amateurs.
Did you see that sailor moon doujinshi where she undressed in front of that bear? Neeeeeeeat.
by Mechacrazie2k July 19, 2005
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Usually a unofficial fan-made comic dedicated to certain genre. They can range from anime to LOTR to X-Men. Some webcomics are also referred to as doujinshi
Megatokyo is an hilarious online doujinshi aimed at gamers and wordotaku/word.
by Sita Snape May 3, 2003
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A doujinshi is a version of a manga, but made by amateur artists. They are usually cheap, though are really good quality. Doujinshis aren't exactly famous unlike the other mangas out there.
Person #1: I loved this doujinshi!
Person #2: Eh, the other doujinshi from earlier was better.
by Paradoxmi_st December 31, 2016
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a fan-made comic of a popular show (usally anime), or in some cases a parody of a series. and usally is produced in doujinshi clubs known as "circles". In japan, there are conventions especialy for doujinshi.
by Kelly August 26, 2004
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You actually searched this up!? YOU PERV FUCK YOU If you actually know what you’ve searched, it’s a fan-fic style manga, normally reader x things.
Zoë bought a fan - made Pokémon doujinshi. It’s really weird and pervy.
by randomspaghettipepsi~666 September 18, 2021
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