Keshia is a girl who is really nice and shy... She is quite and very lovable..she will keep secrets and live life amazing.She is made fun of.. Keshia will take things to heart.Once you get to know her she will finally start coming out of her shell.She can be loud at times.She will try to help you out as much as she can. She hates being disliked.She will always have that one friend who she always argues with and down deep she don't want to be friends with them. She is a very caring person. She hates the attention and tries to get away from it. She thinks she is ugly when she is not. She doesn't like not being wanted.Keshia has 1-5 friends and loves them dearly...But most of all she is BEAUTIFUL!!:)
by Kp1234 December 4, 2013
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A Really Hot Chick!! No one can compare!!
Eg: Keshia Dolce, no one can compare to this chick man!
by K-Doll April 19, 2008
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Stupid dike who will use you and leave you.

Likes to hump cows and likes old fat wrinkly man porn.
Say what?!?!
Keshia leave those poor old men alone. They only like saggy vag's!
by yo''hatin''mama July 12, 2009
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Keshia is a weird creature

she is loud and obnoxious

she is very rude and likes to give her bff's the finger

but she can also be very fun
*keshia burps*

*friends* OMG HOW DID YOU BURP SO LOUD YOU PIGGGGG ;-; *all her friends run away*
by weird..kawie..creature>.< August 15, 2019
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Is when your girl does kegals while you're going deep making you feel like your dick is about to bust.
My girl pulled a dirty keshia on my dick last night and i thought she broke it.
by Bestheadever91 June 9, 2020
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