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Noun. Big Ignorant Fucker From Offaly.
Brian Cowen (Irish Government Minister) is the ultimate BIFFO.
by no one July 30, 2004
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Irish slang for a "Big Ignorant Fucker From Offaly" but feel free to substitute you city of choice...
It's especially handy when the BIFFO doesn't know you're insulting him (or her), and even better when they shorten it for themselves and asked to be called "Bif"
by Paul Zurawski February 11, 2004
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An Australian word for an aggravated argument, Biffo could also be a fight
HE: those guys down at the pub were just having a massive biffo mate
by Ssssssophie September 10, 2017
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BIFFO is a derogatory term used to describe people from Co.Offaly. It is an acronym for Big Ignorant Fucker From Offaly. However, Offaly people being insecure about how ignorant they are somtimes like to change this around to give themselves a self-esteem boost. For example, the Tullamore Tribune once posted the headline Big Intelligent Fella's From Offaly over a picture of Brian Cowen (aka Leader of the BIFFO's) and Barack Obama (who is not from Offaly or related to the place in any significant way).
Eavan: Ite BIFFO, wat you at today BIFFO?
Claire: Not much, You wanna go drinkin'? BIFFO style like!
Eavan: Aw fact, BIFFO. I really feel like drinkin too much vodka.
Claire: Cool cool, meet you at the offy later BIFFO. BIFFO out.
by reegz1000 March 27, 2009
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to hit, especially on rugby field
β€œThere is a bit of biffo on the field”
by Pete January 20, 2004
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Lad from Edinburgh now living in Fife who likes to rub his Cock against guys.
He's a weird cunt that Biffo he just rubber his cock against me
by paul January 11, 2004
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