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To do exactly what is the absolute best thing to do at the present moment in particular... Perfectly Executed Competence, Whether its minor or major... Or Past or Future situations... To put on... Put in work... Earn street credibility, Reliable, Clutch, Finesse, Swift.... Making the best of any and/or every opportunity.... Make a big drug sale... Complete a come up.... Getting a large amount of money... Paying Bills on time... Getting Rich... Getting richer... Gaining wealth... Can also be used to describe a victorious violent act or robbery... Winning a fight, Pop the bottle Pop off.... Match the energy of someone bringing violence or disrespect your way or your family/loved ones way.... To win.....
Guess what my nigga, I just made like 20 Grand easy, I had to perform.... Yo Son just disrespected me real crazy, so I had to Crunch him(beat him up), I had to perform... I got shot at last week by that nigga cross town, So I gripped up(got High powered weapons and ammunition), I had to perform' or I performed(Shot him back).... I just handled some buisness real quick and closed a great deal, I had to perform..... Yo my girl bailed me out of jail in the nick of time, she came through, she performed...... Micheal Jordan hit the game winner in 1998 versus the Utah jazz, He performed...
by Kilogram Giovanni May 30, 2019
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