8 definitions by berserker blabbermouth

When you have two people that are thirsty, wet or just sexy that you would want for a threesome or more
The both of you will be a great juicy two for my threesome, so are you in?
by berserker blabbermouth June 7, 2017
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Inserting one's hand into lover's front pocket and squeezing, basically the same as a backpocket but just with the front pocket.
So she's already backpocketing me now she's deciding to frontpocket me.
by berserker blabbermouth January 19, 2017
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1. absolutely destroying someone in a video game to the point to where it's just embarrassing for the person being destroyed

2.sex, doesn't matter how as long as it's sex
1.You sure you want to go against me in Call of Duty? I'll be giving the steam

2. So I went to go see my girl the other night and I gave her the steam.
by berserker blabbermouth January 19, 2017
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When you got the girl or guy you wanted but you also got their sibling or friend as well.
Floyd: So I've got Michelle, but I've also got her sister Natalia as well.
Tony: That's an awesome 2 for 1 deal, bro.
by berserker blabbermouth June 14, 2017
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When it's so lit it's just dumb of how lit it truly
Tom:Yo that party the other night was dumblit
by berserker blabbermouth February 23, 2017
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