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Someone who blatantly attempts to hide a lack of understanding in a skilled discipline (particularly in computing), using arrogance and the humiliation of others as key methods.

Used to describe a blagger
"He's a bit of a Bing"

"That Bing will never get that through QA"
by anon. March 1, 2005
Some echild junkie, attends raves. He is a naughty boy. Tends to engage in conflict with others for the humour value.
"Oh look, its Haste! Omg. Omg. Omg."
by anon. April 3, 2005
oranized running
who's ready for some organized running..?
by anon. May 11, 2003
1. Abbreviaton for the letter W
2. Twenty dollars
3. Twenty dollars worth of anything, especially narcotics
4. Twenty-inch rims
5. The art of making a remix, especially a reggae song, in which the lyrics are all or partially removed and the focus is placed on the drum track and the bass
6. Generally incorrectly used as a name for any remix to any song
1. I drive a V. dub
2. That CD player is like two dubs
3. Lemme get a dub, I gotta get high
4. I got my Escalade rollin on dubs'
5. Lee "Scratch" Perry is the master of the traditional reggae dub, especially his work with Sir Robert Nesta Marley
6. Jay-Z calls it a dub but it's really just a remix
by anon. July 18, 2003
Has a very positive mind and is very strong willed. Always looking on the bright side of life, Abdullateef enjoys making people happy. His character is one of a kind, and let's not forget that charming smile. Of course he's sexy and has this attractive thing about him in his personality. He's a very private person and Keeps a lot to himself. He's very caring and loving but hardly wants to show his feelings. To say the least, he is indispensable.
Abdullateef why you so sexy?
by anon. June 29, 2015
A manga scanslation group that focuses on shoujo ("girl") and adult shoujo releases.
Go visit shoujomagic.org to see what it is all about!
by anon. February 28, 2004