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Generally accepted as worse than Google but better than Yahoo, though some opinions differ.
Microsoft owns Bing, often setting it as the default search engine.

Also uncommonly used as a synonym for jail.
Guy 1: Where's the nearest Starbucks?
Guy 2: Hang on, let me search for it on Bing.
by Gamer Eevee July 18, 2016
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Search engine used to find Google.

Most common search. "Google"
Fuck, Internet Explorer only uses Bing, and I need Google.
Lets search Bing for Google.
by EgilF April 30, 2016
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The lamest attempt at copying Google EVER. At least Yahoo has Yahoo!Answers to redeem itself. Bing has no cool shit whatsoever. Bing also slams Google in all its adds, which is pathetic as fuck.
Google (to Bing): You know what everybody says about you? They say that you're a Microsoft created search engine freak that's a less efficient version of me! Yeah! So don't try to act all innocent, you can take those pathetic commercials and shove it right up your hairy--
by Siouxsie & Alice September 15, 2013
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the one search engine thats never used unless your old and dont know how to use google (or install chrome!)
why cant i use google
Because its bing no one use's bing execpt old people
true lets get chrome
*Jumps* *freeze frame*
by superbalin July 15, 2016
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Bing is Microsoft's attempt to create a search engine, but it is mainly used to search for Google, the only good search engine.
by Meepster March 17, 2015
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A disgrace to the internet who copies Google's results and say they "improved"
Well whoopty damn doo Bing.

Also, "Just Google it" sounds a lot better then "Just bing it" It don't work like that
Person 1: Bing is more ignored then MySpace dude!
Person 2: I'm just sitting here for Bing fanboys to spam that dislike button *grabs popcorn*
by yayoshorti56 August 10, 2016
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