Generally accepted as worse than Google but better than Yahoo, though some opinions differ.
Microsoft owns Bing, often setting it as the default search engine.

Also uncommonly used as a synonym for jail.
Guy 1: Where's the nearest Starbucks?
Guy 2: Hang on, let me search for it on Bing.
by Gamer Eevee July 18, 2016
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verb - to intentionally provide misleading or useless answers to an inquiry
Don't bing me like that again
by Dr. NightSpike July 14, 2011
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sucks. Bing is basically a copy of Google; however, Bing does not provide as good results as Google. It looks bad, it searches bad, it loads bad, it smells bad, it is bad
by BENDER-IS-GREAT May 31, 2013
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A search engine crap made by Microsoft that turned to their disgrace.
"This fucking car need to be fixed, we have to push the car to the nearest repair shop but I don't fucking now where it is."

"Chill out, let me Bing it."


"It says in Shanghai, Southern of Brazil border, approximately 500 metres from Eiffel tower in Baghdad.

"Okay, push, go, go, go!"

They finally reach meat factory in Bucharest, Romania.
by ThisIsTheReality March 6, 2014
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Microsofts horrible search engine wich gives you bad search results, and also copys google and is in a war with google, also rewards you for using it, and stands for Because its not google, and finally makes ads about it.
John:Theres this cool game i found out about.
Josh:I'll search it on bing.
John:Don't use bing
John:Because its not google
by BingSucksBS May 31, 2013
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Microsoft's ripoff search engine that tries to match Google.
by Hmail April 25, 2012
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Microsoft's version of a search engine. It's the default search engine on Internet Explorer, which is the default browser installed on Windows. The only people who use it are those too lazy to get Firefox.
The 50-something year old computer user only had Internet Explorer so they performed a search on Bing.
by xxdeathx2 May 20, 2013
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