Someone who could sell ice to the eskimos
by Gamberro December 26, 2003
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thats bill davis over there, hes a blagger, he robbed 3 post offices.
by grumpyboy September 14, 2005
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A derogatory term used to mock and humiliate a white person. The N word for white people. It is an extremely offensive word to ridicule any white person.
"That guy is such a filthy, nasty blagger!"
by Smart Snake April 11, 2015
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1. noun : azn term for a male of african american heritage
2. verb : act of hurting someone
if u dont discontinue, i will blagger u good boy, U HEAR ME?
by f8taltsunami December 30, 2004
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The desperate behaviour someone exhibits when trying to pass a 12 pound, boulder of shit through an anus that is simply too small to allow such an occurance. General includes shifting one's position on the toilet, breathing rapidly, and trying to forcefully evacuate one's rectum.
Sweating with effort and grating his teeth in pain, he sat on the toilet, blaggering desperately. Tears ran down his scarlet face as the mountain of molten faeces tried to force its way out of his body. The wind seemed to shoot out of his lungs, but he could not scream in a public space. He lifted his knees up to his chest, placing his feet on toilet bowl, but to no affect. He sat up straight, raised his arms, and began sharply exhaling in a desperate bid to release the mudslide, but again, it did not work. The truth is, his blaggering was in vain. It was impossible for the enormous shit to leave his ass without tearing his sphincter. He would leave alive, but not unharmed.
by Shadilay's Sorrow March 15, 2022
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To become intoxicated as a result of the consumption of alcohol. See also drunk and pissed.
James had bare drinks last night. He was blaggered!
by RozzaC May 28, 2008
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When a man promises a lady a lifetime of love, happiness and children just to get into her knickers.
man - you are lovely, I see a future with you, even marriage you are beautiful.

Lady - I just looked in the mirror and I'm a moose.....a rotten one too. That man must be a blagger shagger.
by bentleybird July 18, 2014
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