Also known as lies. Nobody truly appreciates them, xcept for fools and sluts.
Those aren't implants! Those are lies!

I hate your fake tits.
by SpeedandWeed September 9, 2006
a common female "mcgraw", with large obviously fake breasts
"for fuck sake dougie, fake tits mcgraw has got her baps out again"

As seen in Kavos 2005
by Stuarty boy April 11, 2007
The token weed enthusiast with artificial softball-like breasts.
Erin: Last night I watched a movie with my sister

Jon: Which sister?

Erin: The one we call Stoner Fake Tits
by Fuckthatnoise April 27, 2015
a more modernized definition for standing out in a crowd, or sticking out like a soar thumb
That crazy hat makes you stand out like a fake tit.
by naponxxx April 6, 2009