A nickname given to someone whom you love unconditionally and someone you need in your life forever, when you are with them when you think of that make you smile the most they make you feel so above and beyond loved...

Never let your baby go xxx🥰🥰
My baby gives me the best cuddles.
by eve🌷 September 27, 2019
A Detroit Term of endearment used without gender restriction or romantic relation. Usually a filler or name replacement.
What’s up my baby? What’s the deal my baby?
That’s my baby.
by EiJea April 4, 2021
Turn of endearment, Letting one know how close y’all are . Someone who has your back/ And or boyfriend
Wasup My Baby , My Baby Slime , My Baby Droppin shit
by Guapomami August 20, 2019
This man right here is AMAZING. I have never found someone so perfect for me in everyway. I love his voice, his laugh, his smile, everything about him. God sure does have a plan for me. And its to be with him. And i plan on doing that for the rest of my life. I want to grow old with him and never let our love die. We have had our ups and downs. But what relationship hasnt? He is my other half and i would give up my life so that he could go on with his. Not only to we have so much in common. But, i really wanna fuck this dude. I mean like really. Uh. Uh. Uh. Baby!!!! haha If, your reading this you wouldnt understand. I love him more than life. And he is the only person i trust with everything. I love you baby! And that is a promise im keeping forever. <3
amazing My Baby
by Heather lol. January 25, 2010
The most amazing, beautiful, perfect girl in the whole world.
Neal said, "You are my baby soph"
by Neal March 12, 2005
I feel his pain when his not around,
He makes me smile when I'm feeling down,
He holds me in his arms to protect me from the world,
He is my life, my love, my everything.

My baby is my whole world
babymy lovemy darling
by Selina December 5, 2004
The most amazing, beautiful and perfect girl in the whole world! Sophia!
Neal said to sophia: You're my baby, i love you!
by Prudence the Naught Pilgram March 11, 2005