An beautiful exotic woman, with grace and class. Has flawless skin and a body that women envy and men desire.

Creative, talented, unique individual. Stands out from the crowd; outgoing intellutual
"Whenever I'm around Shanique, it's like taking a trip to The Bahamas."

"The name Shanique suits you."
by chosengen2010 February 5, 2010
This woman is amazing! She is made from love and filled with it. She is hardworking, caring and kind. She goes after what she wants and is not afraid of change. When it comes to love it's all or nothing for her whether it's romantic or platonic you can count on Shanique for not messing with your heart. She loves her family and adore her friends to be apart of her circle you have to have a heart fo gold.If you hurt her good luck winning her back. Once she close the door to her heart it's for good. If you got a Shanique in your life hold on to her if you don't happy hunting!
That man is just glowing! I bet he has a Shanique in his life!
by lupa606 November 24, 2021
Cute asf,Crazy and will know a bitch tf out,Have lots of friends, Don't give a fuck what no body say,and thick (sometimes)
ShaNique means Bad bitch
by Lashay September 4, 2017
adj. posessing up to date trendy fashion and styling attitude; unique and chick
Honey rockin the Prada with her little shanique ass tryin to get in the club.
by makaveli March 24, 2003