97 definition by andy1

Simply another slang word for San Fagcisco, the gay bay
If you're going to San Fagshitco, you'd better wear a butt protector there.
by andy1 March 25, 2005

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A famous city in Germany (where people and dorks both douche)
Next time you visit Germany, make sure you don't miss out on Doucheldork
by andy1 January 14, 2006

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When your underpants snag your griznoid
It's hard to walk when you have a griz pinch.
by andy1 May 29, 2005

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The throat of, or a girl who can't really do BJs properly.
I nicknamed my girlfriend in the 70s "Shallow Throat"
by andy1 June 02, 2005

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Slang term for Wyandotte County, Kansas, a horrible place to live.
The only reason to ever enter Crime-dotte County is to go to the airport or Cabela's
by andy1 February 25, 2005

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Truckdrivers (and others) slang for San Fagcisco
if you get anywhere near the gay bay, you need to wear a butt protector.
by andy1 March 27, 2005

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an out of place speck of debris
specifically, a piece of green lint on a white sweater would be a derber. a piece of white lint would not be. a booger on a newspaper would be. a booger in your nose would not be.
by andy1 April 03, 2004

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