A Major League Baseball team that was started by Ewing Kaufmann in 1973 in Kansas City, Missouri, which had been the home of the legendary Negro League champions, the KC Monarchs (1920 - 1962) - Jackie Robinson, Satchel Paige, Buck O'Neil, etc.

At first, the Royals lived up to the level of excellence set by the Monarchs. From 1973-1993, they won ten American League West penants, lost one World Series to the Philadelphia Phillies in 1980 and came back five years later to beat the St. Louis Cardinals in the I-70 Series. In 1980, third baseman George Brett had over a .400 batting average.

Other Royals megastars in the first two decades were:
1) Willie Wilson
2) Bret Saberhagen
3) Frank White
4) Al Hrabosky, the Mad Hungarian
5) Jorge Orta
6) Dane Iorg
7) Bo Jackson

After 1993, the Royals went into a slump and became one of the worst teams in MLB. This has been acutely painful to watch, if you were a fan of Royals Baseball in the 1970s and 1980s.
The decline of the once great Kansas City Royals has been like watching a Shakespearean tragedy. It's sad to see a team that was once at the top of the MLB fall to the bottom.

The Kansas City Royals consistently beat the Yankees in the '70s and '80s even with half their budget. This gave hope to kids across the country that baseball was fair and honest. Anyone with talent could rise to the top. Today that hope is lost.
by Assex 776 October 03, 2007
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A MLB pro team. Sports Illstrated said that this team will finish 30th overall in the 2005 season. There is only 30 teams.
Friend: Those royals are the shizze!
Me: No. They suck.
Friend: Wahhh? No way!
Me: Yes.
Friend: Why do they suck? I love 'em!
Me: Name one player on their team!
Friend: Ummmm....ok.
by CaptainAmerica April 01, 2005
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A team that has won one World Series, but due to the massive inferiority complex of the fans towards the St. Louis Cardinals, this fact is mentioned more than the ten Cardinals World Series wins (including 2006) combined.
Cardinal fan: So I see that the Kansas City Royals are in last place again. I hear that so-and-so from USC would be a good number one pick for you guys, though.
Royal fan: Remember '85.
Cardinal fan: No, I do not remember 1985, seeing as I wasn't born, and you were not born either.
Royal fan: Remember '85.
Cardinal fan: Okay, fine, take 1985. The Cardinals have won ten championships. Nine more than you guys have.
Royal fan: Remember '85.
by JohnJF October 06, 2008
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1. (Adj) The art of playing baseball while acting like a complete douche bag. Often shortened and used as "acting like a Royal."
2. The act of flexing your muscles and or touching your forearms after hitting a broken bat single or bullshit infield single.
3. Being a pitch runner that talks so much crap that you think your an NFL corner back.
4. Scoring a run off of 2 infield hits.
5. Generally sucking for 231 years, getting lucky for two weeks, then talking trash like you actually matter.

6. Being a fat ass with BBQ stains on your shirt
1. You play softball like a Kansas City Royal.
2. "I promise to poke my own eyes out if I have to watch Eric Hosmer act like a Royal on first base."
3. Quit acting like a royal! You can't hit and you talk crap like you Richard Sherman.

4. Somehow, by the luck of George Brett, you scored a run off of 2 infield hits. Stop talking crap.

5. The Kansas City Royals are just acting like the pathetic children we knew they were.

6. Hey Royal! Change your shirt you slob. Andy Reid would be ashamed of your slovenly appearance.
by Ihateeveryoneincludingyou October 17, 2014
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