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In the olden days a woman tried to sneak in as pope; therefore for years, every time there was a new pope, they had a "pope penis tester" check to see if it was really a male. An assistant lifted up the robe, and when the pope penis tester saw the balls, he would proclaim in Latin "They are there" and the pope candidate was allowed to become pope
The job of the "pope penis tester" went out several centuries ago
by andy1 April 19, 2005

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Acronym for Cunt Lick Induced Sore Throat
Phil gets CLIST periodically
by andy1 October 09, 2004

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The throat of, or a girl who can't really do BJs properly.
I nicknamed my girlfriend in the 70s "Shallow Throat"
by andy1 June 02, 2005

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Eight Days in a Row of Blowjobs
Slick Willie probably got several batches of Hannukah Lewinskys
by andy1 September 09, 2006

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German name for what we call Germany
Doucheland is inhabited by what we call Krauts, or douches
by andy1 February 25, 2006

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Slang term for one of the best tasting melons.
Thirty years ago my cousin Jim was about 18 and he came home about 4 in the morning, and he was kind of drunk, and his Dad was standing there in the kitchen and Jim said, "Dad, do we have any cuntaloupe?" and his Dad said, "Jim, you've been hanging around Andy too much"
by andy1 June 04, 2005

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A fake pants boner. When your slacks hitch up around your groin and it looks like you have a boner when you don't.
Everybody was laughing at David during the Super Bowl; he had an FBP.
by andy1 July 16, 2005

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