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the entire vocabulary of james brown
uh ah grunt maceo
by andy1 November 20, 2003

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DUMB FUCKING LIBERAL, the official name of the Minnesota Democratic party
Hubert H. "Humpty Dumpty" Humphrey founded the DFL.
by andy1 March 05, 2005

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Face Douches; moist towlettes, also known by trade names wash 'n' dri and wet naps.
Hey Phil, can you get some FDs out of the glove cuntpartment
by andy1 May 26, 2005

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Alternate name for Bangladesh
August 1, 1971 they had the very famous "Concert for Bengaldouche" at Madison Square Garden in New York.
by andy1 October 28, 2006

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A semi-famous orange-haired singer who may or may not be gay, aka Barry Manilow. Chicks love him, guys hate him.
I wonder if Barry Faggotlow would know what to do with Mandy if he caught her.
by andy1 January 20, 2007

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an association that uses thuggery, hooliganism, bribery and blackmail to get the wage level raised above its true value for lazy workers
those dumb union workers at the printers drove all the print shops out of business and then had no jobs at all
by andy1 September 25, 2004

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