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a female organ in the body in the lower region
My mom has a pusay and she like to use it on men
by alex January 04, 2005
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when one passes gas through their vaginal region into the cockle of another person
Jimmy's mom pussyfartinmyear at Jimmy when she couldn't hold it in any longer.
by alex December 08, 2003
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what some headstrong guys won't do if something's wrong with a piece of equipment, then blame the problem on it
"Why the hell won't this computer play my MP3s?"
"RTFM, it'll tell ya."
by alex March 18, 2003
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Someone who humps someones ass.
Alex is an offical rumphumper, after she humped hevyns rump in the locker room.
by alex January 19, 2003
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something only real morons would participate in; of course they learn the hard way when a bull decides he's having rump roast for dinner
by alex July 11, 2003
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A "Game" in which a revoler is loaded with one bullet and the chamber is spun placing the bullet randomly in one of the guns rounds. the gun is then spun one the table and whomever it is pointing at when it stops spinning is the winner (loser also). after the winner does a few more lines of coke, he is then allowed to point the gun at everyone in the room (given that he is not the only one). If the winner has not done enough coke yet he may say that the whole thing is stupid but then the person who has done the most coke is allowed to point the gun at the winner and yell "I love you man just do this for me and you can bang my girl". more then likely the person will attempt to leave the room so the coke head is then allowed to pull the trigger until the round is fired. also see Hiding the Body
"lets see... there know way I can lose. we've pulled the trigger five time so that
by alex December 28, 2003
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A guy who is low and likes chips. He eats cake and marmellows with his chips. He plays HI.
Salad fingers - almost identical in intellect and fortune figures.
by alex November 05, 2004
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