One of IRC's largest networks. The network is maintained by a group of individuals who dedicated their time & bandwidth to let users like you and I chat in peace. In my opinion, the best network on IRC today.
Chatting on DALnet, my home away from home.
by irvine!prez August 7, 2004
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1 of the gayest IRC servers you will ever meet. Word out to fruit^loop and barbara the simonese whores.
Man, I just packeteding DALnet's 14.4k servers.
by dizee July 9, 2002
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The home of all newbies on IRC, this is the poorest excuse for a "server" ever. Garaunteed to run on dedicated 14.4k connections and go down more than a teenage blonde in heat.

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Look at all of those fucking word|PuNk|/word's on DALnet! What a piece of shit server!
by akusarujin February 7, 2003
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One of the largest IRC NETWORKS in the world. Currently undergoing Troublesome DDoS attacks, that could quite easily rip apart any network (I would love to see the network that dizee uses withstand an 8 gigabyte per second attack.)

A colony of great, wonderful people, where many users can chat. (P.S, DALnet is not a server you spasticated nappy)
DALnet demands that all servers must be able to handle atleast 750GB per month - Hence why when servers get hit with 8 Giga bytes per second, they split (You do the math.)
by DALnetSupporter February 22, 2003
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Noun() The lamest network on the face of Internet Relay Chat (IRC). DALnet has been a L.L.C and a profit organization and is now pwned by 14 year old arab script kiddies with T1's in their basements.
by abtm February 23, 2003
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