Guy1: Hey man wanna go smoke some MaryJane?
Guy2: Hells yeah.
by That other guy beside that guy September 19, 2009
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MaryJane is one of the best friends you can have. She is smart, funny, and will always have your back. She is a little emo but still will wear any color you give her. Though she has good jokes and is really nice, but she a lone wolf. She does NOT like anyone, so if your crushing on a girl named MaryJane, YOUR NOT GOING TO GET HER!!!!! NOT MY FAULT!!!!!!!!!!!!
Isabella: MaryJane is one of the most nice and kind person ever.

Alexzandra: She is also soooooooo good at videogames
by artimas April 24, 2019
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A girl named MaryJane is very cute. They are athletic, but they have a girly side too! They are easily attracted to guys. MaryJanes are usually goofy and fun, but they get distracted easily. They are usually small, but they stand their ground.
MaryJane is adorable.
by KaymoTen January 11, 2018
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1. A MaryJane is a beautiful, smart, loving, loyal, silly, strong and sarcastic girl who’s fun to be around. You can never be bored when you’ve got a MaryJane she will always keep you entertained.

2. A MaryJane has a good strong head game she’s a soul sucker who will send you to paradise and back. If you’ve got a MaryJane around you get her to show you her head game you won’t be disappointed 😉

3. A MaryJane is a all around amazing person with the biggest heart who loves her friends deeply. She’s humble and generous with a wonderful personality.
“Look at her”
“Oh she’s a real MaryJane”

I’ve heard her head game is strong
“Yes! She’s a MaryJane “
by Simonn m June 28, 2022
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we are all psychos, stoners, brothers, sisters, we having fun on maryjane on DALnet, /server and type this /join #maryjane and join us
MaryJane on DALnet server /server the best weed stoners drugs hash channel online. join us and have meet stoners
by Alex January 13, 2005
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1.Spidermans lover

1. spiderman man loves maryjane watson (the girl)

2. spiderman loves maryjane (the plant)
by SpIdUrMaN January 21, 2005
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