Mary Jane is a different name for Marijuana. Also a song from Rick James which really explains it well.
Lyrics from Mary Jane sung by Rick James...

I'm in love with Mary Jane.
She's my main thing.
She makes me feel alright.
She makes my heart sing.
by R 2 J Through K January 08, 2005
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Mary Jane is the hottest girl you will ever meet. She is very sweet and extremely lovable. shes funny and she will have the cutest laugh ever. If you meet a mary jane keep her forever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever and make her your best friend or your girlfriend!
Omg that mary jane is sooo hot! i love her
by mzhvl; December 29, 2011
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1.Spidermans lover

1. spiderman man loves maryjane watson (the girl)

2. spiderman loves maryjane (the plant)
by SpIdUrMaN January 20, 2005
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Just another street term, not to be confused with the candy.
by ZT May 09, 2005
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Another word/phrase for marijuana, It is no particular type of marijuana, just a slang word for it in general. Also can be shortened as just Mary, not Mary Jane
I was Smokin' that Mary-Jane Yesterday.

Mary got ya paranoid.
by G-Fo March 03, 2005
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