A Long Thick Dick
9 inches or more in length

6 inches or more in girth circumference

Huge cock will throbbing cock to drive women wild
by Mr. LTD December 14, 2019
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(v, adj)
Short for LIVE the Dream. An expression that one must thoroughly live out. Living the Dream is not common, and is most commonly expressed by college students on vacations. Not everyone can LTD.
mexico, baker hall, pool bars.

Q: What didyou do this weekend?
A: Went to In N Out..LTD!
by Jenny Goldberg March 4, 2008
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LTD stands for: Livin' The Dream. This expression is very popular amongst todays youth to express their satisfaction with life.
Person #1: How'd your math test go?

Person #2: I got 85%. LTD!
by C-Breezy8947 September 8, 2010
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LTD stands for "Livin' the Dream", an abbreviation of a commonly used expression among teenagers in modern society. It is usually followed by saying "LTD or what?" in order to punctuate the sarcastic tone with which the phrase is meant.
Roy: Yo, I'm going to play basketball at school after hours.
Mimzy: LTD or what?
by Pika-Pika22 April 16, 2010
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Living to Die. life becomes so futile that at this point you're just waiting for it to end by filling the long hrs with day time tv and youtube cats.
Haven't left the house in 48 hrs. LTD
by RJStCloud February 26, 2012
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a good brand of guitar, being an offshoot of esp
that guy is shreddin on that ltd
by boobs September 27, 2003
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