370 definition by ac

Police term: "dead on arrival"
Bruce was D.O.A, he had 20 Mac-10 shells in his chest
by ac January 31, 2004

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New York's Finest rappers Next To Biggie
Shook ones
by AC September 18, 2003

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Bush Hating movie, exposing him for the prick he is
Anything hating bush is fine in my book
by ac July 14, 2004

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Short for "Family." Used to describe close friends, associates, people, etc.. Mostly used in New York, but what people fail to realize is that the term "Fam" is actually from the south.
Not from Florida, but what up fam?
by AC January 19, 2006

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short version of "Wassup", "What's up", or "what up"
Sup cuz, wesside
by ac January 30, 2004

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Short for Cadillac.
Mack Drives Lacs
by ac January 31, 2004

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Basicly sex, but the 2 partners have an emotional connection (love) it's slow, and involves a lot of lovey dovey stuff such as kissing, feeling, whispering into each others ears etc.....
Dan and Jill made passionate love under the moon light.
by ac February 13, 2004

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