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1) A group of millions of Americans, that are from the Northern states of the USA.

2) What british people call americans.
also called yanks
1) Some southerners are tired of the huge yankee migration that's coming down south.

2)British dude: I just saw 2 yankees..
by ac August 3, 2005
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1 Exclimation of Happiness

2.Slang name For Bay (area)
1. I just got robbed. YAY!

2. You from the yay?
by ac February 14, 2004
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1) An alternate way of spelling "You're" or "Your."

2) An alternate way of saying "Yes."
1) Yer the dumbest mofo out there.

2) Guy 1: You like pancakes?
Guy 2: Yer.
by ac January 16, 2006
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