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A BEAUTIFUL young canadian actress who is making big marks in Hollywood.
Dude Elisha is fucking hot.. She's the hottest girl I've ever seen.
by AC March 20, 2005
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Individual who acts like he is tough, but when things get hectic or tense, he gets scared and acts like the punk he really is. They have been shook up by the reality and are labeled shook ones
"Shook ones" -- Mobb Deep (Shook ones pt. II 1995).
by ac January 31, 2004
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One of the best to ever touch the mic, he's one of the few lyricists left alive. His first album "Illmatic" is a fucking classic, flawless. Born and raised in the the United States largest public housing projects "Queensbridge".
Nas is that crack, listen to Illmatic before you judge his new shit.
by AC March 20, 2005
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SPanish for neighborohhd
yo man these niggas tryin to blast me in my own barrio
by AC June 03, 2003
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A person of Haitian descent.

Origin: Miami, Florida.
Quit talking about your Little Haiti connections. Nigga, you don't even know a real Zoe!
by AC October 29, 2006
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A city where weed and prostitution is legal
Amsterdam= Nice ass retiernment place
by ac February 13, 2004
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it means Boring
Today Is a dull day
by AC November 24, 2003
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