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Russian and Polish (meaby other Slavic languages too) for dick, penis. Often mispelled as huj. Just like shit in English it can be used to describe both negative and positive feelings. Also used in one of the most common Polish insults: "Chuj ci w dupe" (lit. "dick in your ass", meaning similar to "kiss my ass bitch")
Chuj z tym! (Fuck it!)
by AC December 07, 2004

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Comes from actor Patrick Swayze's last name. It means to “leave” or “disappear,” derived from the title of his 1990 hit film “Ghost” starring Patrick Swayze.
As soon as he shot his gun, we was swayze.
by AC December 27, 2005

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The ability to talk anyone into anything.
Damn, That nigga got the gift of gab cuz he can get out of anything
by AC January 31, 2004

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High heels
thse bitches wearin 9 inch stileto pumps
by AC June 25, 2003

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A common typo of "lol", Mostly happens when you ain't lookin' at the keyboard.

by AC December 27, 2004

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1. A Native American infant or very young child.

2. A New York rapper working with DJ Kay Slay.
1. Yo look at that papoose

2. Yo man, Papoose is ill as fuck. His new album is droppin' in late august.
by ac July 17, 2005

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Spanish slang; meaning having balls, not scared
If you steal from a store, You have BIG cojones mayne
by AC March 30, 2004

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