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Means to have sex in spanish; Fuck
I want to cojer that chicka
by ac March 8, 2004
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Spanish slang; meaning having balls, not scared
If you steal from a store, You have BIG cojones mayne
by ac March 30, 2004
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to tuines muchos cojones para peliear me- AC
by ac June 14, 2003
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Slitting a man's throat and pulling his tongue out through the hole; Invented by Colombian Drug lord Pablo Escobar
Yo did you see that guy's toung comming out through his slit throat? that shit called the Colombian neck-tie
by ac December 24, 2003
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Yo I got some face from yo sistah last night!
by ac December 22, 2003
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A face card is a hundred dolla bill -R.I.P BIG L!!!
by ac June 25, 2003
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Bush Hating movie, exposing him for the prick he is
Anything hating bush is fine in my book
by ac July 14, 2004
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