370 definition by ac

Alternate word to Shit
Shoot, I lost the lotto by 1 number!
by AC December 07, 2003

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The Westside Is The Best Side
Westside In This Motherfucker!!!
by ac July 14, 2004

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What Crip gangmembers call Blood gangmembers
<CRIP> Ayo Fuck Slobs

<BlOOD> Fuck the crabs
by AC December 23, 2003

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Kissing, Hugging, and all that gushy stuff people who are in "love" do
Sometimes all that lovey dovey shit sucks
by ac February 13, 2004

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1) A Sweet Pastry
2) Kilo of Cocaine
3) Money
1) Did you see that boy's birthday cake, shit was huge b.

2) Go to the docks and get that cake from them Colombians.

3) Man the only cake you seen was at ya birthday, broke ass chump.
by AC June 06, 2005

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Empty out, reloaded and throw more slugs
by AC October 22, 2003

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one part Alizé one part crystal; This drink is Gauranteed to get the pussy wet and the dick hard
Thug Passion Is the shit! RIP 2pac
by ac February 09, 2004

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