"call before you come, i need to shave my chocha"
"Hit the chocha"
by jackie-o December 11, 2002
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definition = the vagina and immediately surrounding areas, especially where hair used to be before it became popular to shave this region.

conceptual English equivalent = pussy, cunt.
1. Ay mamacita, esa chocha que tu tienes me pone la pinga de punta!

(Oh baby, that pussy of yours really makes my dick hard!)

2. Papito tengo la chocha encharcada, ven y metemelo ahora!

(Baby my pussy is super wet, come and fuck me now!
by Slangster. February 19, 2004
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panocha ....or pussy.
1. Damn, that chocha looks good.
by chocu November 27, 2006
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puerto rican/cuban/latin(slang) for pussy or vagina
damn i would love to get some chocha tonight
by andeez nutz April 11, 2003
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This term is generally used in many Latin American countries (Colombia, Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic and others) to describe the vagina. But it is also used to describe cantankerous or cranky old people.
Que chocha tan peluda!! (What a hairy pussy!!)

Es una vieja(o) chocha(o). (She's an old grump)
by Moe October 29, 2003
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Mira! Se le ve la chocha dentro de la falda!
Translation: Look! You can see her vagina through the skirt.
by Jorge April 5, 2003
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