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Another slang word for Marijuana
I smoked so much thai last night
by ac February 1, 2004
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That new Nas song is that crack.
by ac March 21, 2005
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A Rapper/Writer from Dallas Texas. Was If not the first protégé of super star Dr. Dre. DOC released his first album "No One Can Do It Better' in 1989. It was a huge success. Unfortunately in 1990 DOC was involved in a fatal car accident which nearly killed him, he survived but his voice didn't. His layrynx was damaged, after hours of reconstructive surgery he didn't have his "golden voice". He was left with a different, raspier voice. DOC left the radar, troubled and into drugs. In 96 he released his second album "Helter Skelter" despite his strange new voice it was good album. The album wasn't a big hit. It recieved mixted reviews. DOC continued to live on, and ghostwrote for Dr. Dre on his classic album "The Chronic 2001." Even though DOC lost his voice, he is still considered to be one of the best rappers ever and "No One Can Do It Better" one of the best albums in rap history.
D.O.C. is responsible for ghost writing hits for the likes of NWA and Dr. Dre and some other talents.

DOC you still the shit man, no matter what happened to your voice.
by ac November 12, 2004
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To have bad breath

Yo Juan, Yo girl got "The Dragon"
by ac October 26, 2003
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A man who has "The Falcon" hair cut. He enjoys giving his hair a quick blow job with the hair dryer. He enjoys english and long walks on the beach. He runs from apes. Nicknames include TD, AC, DF.
Look at The Falcon. He is a true AC
by ac February 2, 2005
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A good fucking movie, features the beautiful Elisha Cuthbert. Very funny.
Check "The Girl Next Door", you will not be disappointed.
by ac March 21, 2005
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