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Something you need more of.

(Or you won't be able to protect your base from a Zerg Rush.)
*frantically tries to build more Carriers*

Adivsor: You require more minerals!

Me: Fuck!

Advisor: Come on man, mine that shit!
by Zenhachirou August 23, 2004
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One of the most versatile and effective submachine guns in the world, it outranks the MP5 in virtually every category, such as range, mag capacity, armour-piercing ballistics, and incapacitation power.

However, the ridiculous bullshit game CounterStrike put a stop to THAT.
Man, those CS fags think the P90 is shit? We'll see how they enjoy SS190 5.7mm supersonic FMJ rounds up in they head...
by Zenhachirou May 01, 2003
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A computer nerd, specifically somebody very adept at utilizing the Internet. Low-level e-wizards typically gravitate around forums and try to pick up fat chicks with cute messages, but the higher levels enjoy writing Linux programs and making webpages for businesses and prosperous clientele.

Should be used in a derogatory manner.
"Chill out with the Internet chatting, you Goddamn e-wizard." - Chris

"Yo, how goes the e-wizardry?" - Chris
by Zenhachirou November 23, 2005
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A series that WAS awesome, until DoA3 and DoA Volleyball. Itagaki is a fucking faggot with no life and no friends except his personal RealDoll made to look like Kasumi.
Man, Dead or Alive 2 Hardcore is the shit!
Man, Dead or Alive 3 is just shit!
by Zenhachirou May 05, 2003
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The act of choking something/someone using a Brazilian jiujitsu-style method/technique, most particularly an RNC or rear naked choke. If you are the singer, you are the one doing the choking. If you are the one being sung to, you're the one being choked.
"Dan got his filthy-ass hands on one of my manga volumes because he felt I should be doing 'work' or something so I had to hastily throw him on the floor and sing him a Brazilian lullaby for a while just to make sure he remembered his place."
by Zenhachirou September 16, 2007
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