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Slang term for a joint, or a blunt.
"I'ma finish you before I finish the dutch!"
by Zenhachirou May 03, 2003

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A city in the province of Alberta, Canada, that has roughly a million people, hosts the Calgary Stampede, and should be the capital city instead of Edmonton.
by Zenhachirou May 01, 2003

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A pair of wicked rappers from Virginia, who go by the names Malice and Pusha T. (who is also called Terrar)

They do a lot of joints with N*E*R*D, particularly with that guy Pharrell.
Fast to predict the outcome of my fate,
wonderin' 'bout Clipse and if they got what it take

- Malice
by Zenhachirou May 05, 2003

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To shoot somebody. It does not mean to beat somebody up or stab them or anything, only to "bus' caps" into their "ass."
Ain't nothin' to do with hands when I clap at y'all!
by Zenhachirou May 01, 2003

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1.) A shotgun (pump-action, obviously)
2.) Sell drugs
1.) I got a pump in the trunk, cuz!
2.) I'm always pumpin' crack, cuz!
by Zenhachirou May 06, 2003

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Something you need more of.

(Or you won't be able to protect your base from a Zerg Rush.)
*frantically tries to build more Carriers*

Adivsor: You require more minerals!

Me: Fuck!

Advisor: Come on man, mine that shit!
by Zenhachirou August 23, 2004

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One of the most versatile and effective submachine guns in the world, it outranks the MP5 in virtually every category, such as range, mag capacity, armour-piercing ballistics, and incapacitation power.

However, the ridiculous bullshit game CounterStrike put a stop to THAT.
Man, those CS fags think the P90 is shit? We'll see how they enjoy SS190 5.7mm supersonic FMJ rounds up in they head...
by Zenhachirou May 01, 2003

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