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By far the best sport out there. Everyone loves volleyball girls and secretly wants to be one. Usually volleyball is an underestimated sport but it is truly one of the hardest sports to play.
Person 1- Hey, are you going to the Volleyball game tonight?
Person 2- Of course I am! Why wouldn't I?
by HGraceM5 April 19, 2019
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2 and it's not tall, lanky, weak losers. it's probably one of the hardest sports out there. don't believe me? try playing in a varsity game for one minute.
volleyball = awesome
by erica April 07, 2004
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the greatest sport in the world. And for those who do play proper competitive volleyball. the single greatest way to meet chicks. as they tend to go for guys who can also play
due to the physical strength and fitness required to play this highly skilled sport. the women tend to be of the attractive nature
normal guy: dude how the hell do you know all these chicks

volleyballer: volleyball bro

normal guy: but i go watch every week

volleyballer: they're only interested in those who can play. not those that just go to perv
by balvball January 17, 2011
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a difficult game, consisting of skill, endurance, and alright, spandex.
in the game, one will serve a ball, or toss it over the net several yards in front of you, then, run back up to your spot, try to 'set' the ball, and then spike the shit out of it, into someones face, preferably. however, on occasion, they, they being the dirty whores you are playing against, block it and it comes back and hits you in the face.
like i said, endurance and skill, might i add the ability to look graceful while being punched in the face by a ball going 15 miles an hour.
doesnt seem fast
but oh it is.
Sally pelted Barbara in the back in a high stakes game of volleyball.
by hambone January 30, 2005
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the best sport ever. Try playing in a real game with a team with real rules before dissing it you ignorant fucks.
Volleyball is no worse than football basketball and baseball.
by Adrian Herrera January 08, 2005
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Best sport in the world!Not just girls in spandex.It's harder than it looks but once you try it your hooked.Point of the game-keep the ball in the air until you get it over the net.Once you get the feeling for it you want to play 24-7.
What do real girls play?
-jump rope-no
-ping pong-no

-VOLLEYBALL-hell yeah!
by Volleyball Player #5 September 25, 2005
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Contrary to what some people seem to believe, volleyball is a sport, not a form of entertainment for horny losers. There are many variations, such as doubles beach volleyball and indoor 6 vs. 6. It takes more skill than most losers have, so they choose to ogle at female players rather than get off their asses and learn to play. And by the way, volleyball isn't just a sport for women; men play too.
Most people who "play volleyball" have never played volleyball.

Gym volleyball is not volleyball.

Picnic volleyball is not volleyball.

I love volleyball.
by ssaamm kk April 03, 2008
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