Acronym for Budweiser Miller Coors. Usually used in a disparaging way to refer to beers that have no flavor and thus must be served ultra-cold to disguise their putrid taste. Also can be used to refer to the people that drink aforementioned crap beers, who think the only purpose behind drinking beer is to get drunk as quickly and cheaply as possible.
I brewed a good summer ale for my barbeque, but since I knew the BMC crowd would be there too, I bought a case of Buttwiper just for them.
by S. Mosier June 12, 2007
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Abbreviation of "big monster cocks", from the "Maximum Penetration" adult movie.
I watched the BMC video clip at least twenty times last night, it's so damn good!
by #duck January 20, 2006
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Abbreviation for a musical, by the name of Be More Chill.

An average boy takes a Super Quantum Unit Intel Processor, also known as a Squip, in order to make himself cool. Turns out being cool isn't as cool as he thought, when the Squip forces him to abandon his best friend and tries to Squip the entire school.
DUDE! Have you seen BMC?! It's the best! I loved that part when....
by Ryuity January 6, 2018
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Abbreviation for 'Big Monster Cock'. Often used in the connotation of fellatio.
R0G3R! was aching for some BMC when his mouth went dry.
by R0G3R! January 3, 2007
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