106 definitions by Zack

the kind of hick that lives in the appalachian mountains in or around tennessee, north/south carolina, and georgia. also found in utah, colorado, and arizona...
Tyler is a mountain hick because he came from tennessee
by zack December 02, 2004
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The resultant effect of dingle berries that have not given up their attachment to anus hair and have therefore become dehydrated.
Because of his coarse anal hair, Fred had several attached crunch berries and cried out when he sat down
by Zack March 26, 2004
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A feeling of being in the 50's
Because Im wearing these Chucks (old school shoes) I feel Oldskoolitistic
by Zack January 27, 2004
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This is caused by excessive ear wax in an uncleaned ear canal. Waxidrizzle occurs while sleeping when ear wax drips onto one's pillow, leaving mysterious pillowcase stains.
Frank waxidrizzled at night, leaving unsightly yellow stains on his pillow.
by Zack March 26, 2004
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a vagina that has a pleasently plump labia
yo molly sims has a wonderful veener
by zack January 15, 2003
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A young man who resembles a butler
Zack: Hey, it's a fruity malooty!
Scott: You're right!
Mike: Hey guys, leave me alone!
by Zack October 10, 2004
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wild and crazy

too hairy to stand
i just took the most rambunktous shit ever!

Eric is so rambunktous, he looks like an ape!
by Zack June 03, 2004
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