Neosporin neomycin and polymyxin B Sulfates and Bacitracin Zinc is a gel that is used to: Help in the first aid of: cuts, scrapes, and burns.

However this product is for external use only.

*This is a common household product found at many supermarkets and pharmacies.
I fell down and cut my hand so I put so neosporing on it.
by Syzygy August 13, 2005
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These are vile spores that circulate earths atmosphere, infecting anyone by means of entering the body through the optic cavity. The spores are highly dispised throughout soceity, and you are deemed a social outcast if you succumb to their evil sporen rays.

The term for an infected person is either a 'Neo', a 'Neosporac', or a 'Prat'.

The spores themselves can only infect humans, due to their crummy immune system. Other, more complex and intelligent creatures (such as pigeons, emus and fat people) cannot be infected by neo-spores. (This is also because most obese people have a built up blockage of lard near their optic cavities, where neosporin bacome lodged and harmless. However, these will gradually form a bright green fur over the persons eyes, making them look even more hilarious than they already do.

Neosporin actually does no harm whatsoever to humans. It is merely an excuse to expel more people from modern society. It is also common practice to have Neo-sporacs burnt at the stake, as people are scared the evil spores will continue to spread forth and pointlessly infect more people.
Neosporin is like sticks; tons about, no-one cares.
by Pigeon July 1, 2004
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Neosporin a thing that help with cuts and shit but also smell like maple syrup,probably tastes like it too.You could probably put it on you pancakes or waffles or someshit.
Homo 1: bro have you ever smelled neosporin it smell like maple syrup

Homo 2: nah bruh you lying
by PussyTits96 March 25, 2018
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