A yo let dat niggaz know we knicks
by p-cutta January 7, 2008
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the worst team in the NBA...they fuckin suck and have amazing players...HOW?
the knicks can suck my balls
by pablo rainman May 3, 2006
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1) to steal

2) to get caught
1) me and Pete just knicked all these candy bars from the shop

2) did you hear Pete and Shaun got knicked for stealing them candy bars
by Gabriel Grimm March 31, 2009
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can be used in many a circumstances, and mean completely different things every time.

a- "Get knicked" - as in same context as 'get fucked', OR: as in to be arrested.
b- "Knick it" - as in to 'steal something'
c- "knick knack" - tid bits, odd's and ends, or a small trinket
d- "Thrown in the knick" - To be thrown in Jail
e- "In the knick"
a- Person 1: I told you the shop was open til 9, not 8:30
Person 2: Oh go and get knicked!

OR: Already Explained

b- Person 1: Wow I've always loved those cars
Person 2: love it so much why don't you just knick it?

c- Person 1: Grandma has way too many knick knacks

d- Already Explained.

e- Person 1: So did you go over and see him?
Person 2: YES! I walked in the door and he was standing there in the knick!
by mooneyes April 18, 2008
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The prime example of financial ruin. An organization more useless than a bag of rocks painted in orange and blue. The most over-paid collection of talent ever assembled on an NBA floor. They could only be coached worse by a dead Rich Kotite.
"If Eddy Curry could consume any more useless fat, he would consume his Knicks teammates."
by Moon-Rock December 11, 2007
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One of the greatest teams in the NBA with two awesome colors Blue and Orange.
Dude 1- Yo did you see last nights Knicks game?

Dude 2- Yea! Carmelo was tearing sh*t up.
by Basketballer1 July 9, 2013
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To knock something over with a kick
I knick the shit out of that card stand.
by gwow February 12, 2011
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