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A fear of persons that practice a relegion other than yours.
Muslims are often portrayed as violently xenotheophobic.
by Zack March 14, 2004
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when sand grains are on a mans dick and then has sex with a woman and tears the vaginal area up
Jack dipped his dick in the water at the beach then in the sand and had sex with Sally.
by zack February 04, 2005
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1. adjecive; derrived from pessimest, meaning the person being called it is a pussy and is also a down right loser

2. noun; a swarm of raging pussies just waiting to be fucked by a man

3. pronoun; used in place of the name of someone you dont particularly like
1. manny is such a pussifest when it comes to girls.

2. it was a pussifest in my room last night!

3. Pussifest came to work late today
by zack December 02, 2004
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a van that has wicked graphics, a chromed out ladder, a spare tire, a hat(top), and fuzzy shades and interior

-also can be equiped with a dancefloor or sound system
HAROLD: how are you going to pick up the hot chicks friday night

GEORGE: In my sweet van dude-get with the game!!
by zack April 08, 2005
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offshoot species of the yuma yummy, however the yumalope travel in packs, they have learned that they are more effective in large groups.
there's a herd of yumalope nest to the bar, we should get out of here before they pick up our scent.
by zack April 07, 2005
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much better than something that is wordspiffyword
dude 1: When im the bartender you'll get free beer.
dude 2: Spifforiffic.
by Zack October 16, 2003
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Someone who/Something that goes about destroying or trying to destroy (some, not all) social convention, social ideals, or an entire society by way of visciously abrasive commentary or action.
Some punk rock music writers are socioclasts.
by Zack July 04, 2003
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