derogitory gaming term for sombody on your team in Battlefield 3 who sucks, is not helpful and is not in your squad. Those in your squad have green icons over their head while others on your team have blue icons over their head.
"Damn blueberry won't give me ammo"
"tell the admin to kick the smurf he just keeps C4-ing the helicoptors!"
by purplesage11 December 2, 2012
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The most wonderful form of marijuana to date. The bud has a beautiful blue hue to it rather than the usual green. It also gives off the smell of complete blueberries, hence the name. Although it is not the most powerful, it will still knock you on your ass.
-Yo Mario, you sure this shit is real weed? It don't smell or look like it.
--Yea man, this shit is blueberry.
by Kidd Flow October 9, 2004
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A derogatory term used within the destiny 2 community to describe new and inexperienced players who are a detriment to the team
by JustBanana September 2, 2021
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In the video game series Battlefield someone who is not in your squad, but is on your team and has a blue dot over their head and is completely useless, often a n00b. You can not communicate with a blueberry, other than in game commands which are often ignored.

Actions of a blueberry, including but not limited to:
-Facing or running in the wrong direction of an objective.
-Sitting on an objective instead of arming or defusing it.
-Spawning in a vehicle and not moving.
-Spawning as a pilot of an aerial vehicle and immediately crashing into the ground, flying out of bounds, or bailing out midflight, often resulting in death for all aboard.
-Driving a vehicle taking damage and bailing out, allowing the enemy team to capture the vehicle.
-Playing as a support or medic and not resupplying or healing teammates.
-While in a tank... shooting at a target across the map instead of the tank shooting at him or the guy standing next to him with C4.
-Locking a door or hatch behind them so you can't get on a roof.
-Steal your vehicle that you are in the gunner seat of
-Take off after you repair their vehicle instead of letting you back inside
-Doesn't know where to return flag in CTF
Goddamn blueberry just wrecked the helicopter upon spawn, wtf?

Come on blueberry, capture the flag!
by TPP1776 January 17, 2017
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A name in the game destiny for random that are not in your fireteam.
A damn blueberry just stole my kill!!!
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1. Queen Blue. The queen of Fruitdom. Possesses awesome fruit powers and mystical powers of randomness.
2. An expert in Ninja Nonsense.
3. A small berry that grows on a bush and is actually quite purple, in spite of its name.
"Bob knows everything!" ~Queen Blueberry
by Cassiopia&Blue November 30, 2011
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