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Definition of Douchebagery: 1. The act of being a douchebag. 2. The skill of exploiting people’s emotions for your own profit or benefit, the exploitation of common sense
knowledge in an effort to sound smarter than one is, trying to produce a grandiose image of oneself by producing overrated reading material, preying on weak or troubled individuals to further ones public image and to increase ones monetary gain, jumping to harsh and illogical conclusions based on limited information, and trying to advise individuals in field(s) in which one is not knowledgeable about and can offer no real advice outside of general public knowledge but still tries to profit off of it.
Dr. Phil is a avid practicer of Douchebagery.

John Edwards used the art of Douchebagery to make it seem like he could talk to the dead.

Maury Povich practices Douchebagery whenever he brings retarded kids on his show.
by Zack November 25, 2004
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The act of doing something that would lead others to believe you are in fact a douche bag.
John: (watching Bush on TV) This guy is such a douche bag.
Alex: I think all governments take part in douche bagery on one level or another.
by emptsent January 04, 2008
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adj.; the act, actions, or status of being a "douchebag"
Tim was being such a jerk, that I couldn't stand his "douchebagery" anymore and I punched him in the head.
by Josh Meyer April 26, 2006
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The actual act, or actions of what could be considered you being a douchebag. Mostly identified with men with small man's syndrome, small penis syndrome, steroid use, Ed Hardy t-shirts, Affliction clothing, or Tap Out t-shirts.
"Hey Bob, you see that guy in the Affliction t-shirt going to every girl in the bar and hitting on them?"

Bob: "Yeah, i can't believe some girls actualy fall for that guy and all his douchebagery"
by Master Deluxe February 03, 2010
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Being up to his usual douchebagery, old Bill called his wife to pick him up from the poker game early.
by Dawson27 September 02, 2007
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The art, practice, or skill of being a douchebag.

Misrepresenting your relationship status in order to hook up.

Belittling others in order to make yourself look better.

Showing a total disrespect for other people's feelings or societal norms.

The act of putting on a flase persona in order to impress a girl.

-See also guidos and meatheads
New Jersey guidos practice douchebagery down the shore.

Bill Clinton is a master of douchebagery.
by Matty_O February 04, 2010
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