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A demoness from Hell whose sole purpose is to drain the souls of men by having sex with them while they are asleep. Also referred to as the "Temptress of the Night".
If you wake up feeling very weak, and with a painful erection, you probably made love to a succubus.
by Vampire! March 04, 2003
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1. One who leeches on and eventually completely consumes the very essence of man's soul, leaving an empty and shattered shell of what once was a free and ultimately superior human being destined for greatness.
2. Also known as 'bitch', 'heartless whore', 'evil slut', or 'lying cunt'. The evil spirit of these heartless creature is almost invisible at first sight; however, after a few months, one could find himself with: no money and no friends, lack of hobbies, little or no sense of reality, and/or self respect. These evil demons begin their hunt at age 14 and continue until they have successfully stripped one man of all his pride.
"That fucking succubus destroyed my respect for women!" said Jimmy, "I just want to get laid now!"
by Zach Reuter April 20, 2006
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A succubus is a very beautiful demoness that tempts men into have sex with her, then proceeds with sucking their soul.
Jim: "I had sex with this really hot girl, but ever since I've felt like a zombie."
Frank: "Maybe she's a succubus!"
by xphilophobia May 04, 2009
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The succubus is a soul eating beast that presently resides on coastal British Columbia. The true image of the succubus is unknown to all but few, but it commonly takes on the image of a girl with hair as fiery as the sun, and thighs the size of tractor trailers. The succubus is known to destroy the lives and hearts of many male companions who consider themselves close to her. Through her fierce deception, she causes them to defy reason and obey only her will. It is at this point where she deals the final blow, causing the men to lose all control over themselves until they cut her off, leaving her to search for new prey. Eventually if it goes on too long the succubus can retrieve a man's soul in a form similar to the dementors in Harry Potter

Over time people have started to use the term 'succubus' to define a girl who uses a man, treats him badly, and makes it difficult for him to get rid of her.
Example One

Guy 1 - "bro, you've gotta get rid of that girl, she is such a succubus"
Guy 2 - "yeah man I know, I dont know what it is, I just can't do it"

Example Two

Guy 1 - "dude, I'm so glad you got rid of that succubus"
Guy 2 - "yeah man, me too"
by Radon Randell December 02, 2010
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An unfeeling, undead beast who bears children for other people to raise while she pursues a fantasy (i.e., a no-chance career in modeling).

A thing who spits kids out but realizes it's not always fun to care for them thus allows DCF to take them away, (i.e., Natalia KNAJ, Katherine Arsenault Jarvis).

An addict to drugs, alcohol & false attention, an annoying piece of shit, a fuck up, a self-absorbed waste of space who will sleep with people twice their age for even a stick of gum.

That undeniable stench of incompetence, mental numbness & self-hatred one feels & uses a false sense of self as a front.
Now that Photoshop & airbrushing effects are all too common in today's world, you'd think the old, raggedy succubus would stop making a fool of itself & make room for the MUCH younger, MUCH more talented & genuinely talented & beautiful models out there who show up in bikinis, IN PERSON & who don't try desperately to deceive.
by PigsAreForFood August 15, 2014
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A lady temptress and the counterpart to an Incubus. She is thought to seek sexual intercourse with sleeping men. The succubus (as well as Incubus) were thought to be fallen angels, looking foir revenge. Demons, witches and deformed children were the supposed outcome of intercourse with a succubus (incubus).
If you wake at night with excrutiating pain and a very large boner, you have probably been in contact with a Succubus.
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