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Lemoore, California. Namesake of Naval Air Station (NAS) Lemoore.
Nevado: Hey bro! I need a stash spot in Lemas for the Moon Stuff and Clear comin' from Visa!

Calacas: Don't stress fool! Just go to the Naval Air Station! I saw some shit on the news about two tweakers who drove into NAS Lemas and crashed into an F-18!

Nevado: Right on homey! If no one was trippin' on those two, then we should have no problems!
by ZXY&ABC July 31, 2019

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Martinez Detention Facility in Contra Costa County, California. High power county jail.
Homey No. 1: What ever happened to that fatass Cheeseburger?

Homey No. 2: You mean that Carrot Top lookalike from Dirty Waters? That nigga got his cheeks busted in the MDF!
by ZXY&ABC July 24, 2019

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North Side slang for PCP
Homey 1: Hey dawg! Yo got some of that Moon Stuff?

Homey 2: You trippin' Rogue! That shit's bad news!
by ZXY&ABC February 27, 2019

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Putting hands or feet on a Correctional Officer in prison or jail.
Ex. 1

"A CO Mission is a green light to take off on a guard...It's usually lifers that are looking to do CO Missions. Cuz it don't matter. It's like asking for a life sentence to take off on the staff."

NateDogg916 "Mental health and surviving the lockdown, the SHU, and the art of structure." June 26, 2020

Ex. 2

Wes Wilson: Hey fool! You ready to put hands on the muthafuckin' cops just like the homey Matty Boy from Rodeo did?

Mikey Segala: Fuck yeah! You know what time it is!

Wes: CO Mission time muthafucka!

Mikey: Let's do this!

Wes and Mikey fist bump and air box. Then they go into the Program Office, ring the bell, and yell "I'm a bitch!" in unison.
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by ZXY&ABC July 11, 2020

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The job has been completed.
Fat Rick: Odelay holmes! The cake is in the oven!

Buho: Cake? What fuckin' cake?

Fat Rick: You know, the cake is in the oven!

Buho: Huh?

Fat Rick: Remember what Huesos told you! Well, the dope car was just dropped outside that shitty dive bar!

Buho: Hey bro, I thought we weren't supposed to actually say that!

Fat Rick bitch slaps Buho.
by ZXY&ABC July 28, 2019

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A Mexican Mafia euphemism for being targeted for removal.
Ex. 1

"Disregard Status is like a flashing red light, signaling the impending demise of an eMe Carnal... It is a status a member in good standing never wants to experience...Disregard Status means that the fellas have assembled a case worthy of sending a fellow member to Brazil."

Mundo Mendoza, "Disregard Status Explained," July 4, 2020

Ex. 2

Cuate: Odelay! I need to get at Savag3 Studi0s! I got him that Moon Stuff he wanted!

Chato: You didn't hear fool? Savag3 rang the bell in the program office! He gave up all the fieros on the yard! He left all the Southerners empty handed!

Cuate: That muthafucka! His ass is now on Disregard Status!
by ZXY&ABC August 09, 2020

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Spanish for 'key chain' or 'key holder.' Means shot caller in prison or jail. The Llavero has the keys to the yard.
Ex. 1

"Koko decided one day to lock up. He was a Llavero, he ran the yard...When you lock up, they want you to give 'em something. They don't care what it is. Something no one else knows. He decided to give up all the fieros, the weapons on the yard. He left all the Southerners empty handed."

Stories Written by a Current Prisoner, "California Prison Flipped the Script," March 7, 2020

Ex. 2

Chino: Hey homey! I just touch downed at the compound! I need to get at the Llavero and show him my paperwork!

Gato (points): He's that dude: Comadreja.

Comadreja chows down on a drumstick and lets out a loud belch.

Chino: The fat dude with titties? What kind of program are you guys running?

Gato: Hey bro: You don't like it, go ring the bell in the program office!

Chino: No muthafucka! You and that fat fuck can go ring that fuckin' bell! I'm the Llavero from here on out! Get down and give me 1,300 burpees!
by ZXY&ABC July 20, 2020

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