Damn where do i begin tho. He a rebel. A baddy baddy. He hides his feelings. But if you lucky enough to get him hell open up to you in a heart beat. He's loyal and respectful to his people. Hes protective of his girl and always wanna make sure shes safe and happy. He gives the best kisses and is a bomb ass booty grabber. Needless to say... dont let him slip away <3
Im happy i have someone like Flacko in my life
by its-yo-gurl January 17, 2017
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Street name for drugdealer whom feinds flock to for drugs
Aye is that flacko making another sale
by Youcancallmejodie January 30, 2021
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a guy that has “pretty boy swag” (made popular by other swag rappers like Lil B, Soulja Boy…), and Flacko meaning the guy is skinny, because the word flaco means skinny in Spanish, used by Asap Rocky
i be that Pretty flacko niguh
she wants a pretty flacko
she fucked a pretty flacko
by kuulkidd February 15, 2012
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The biggest jewye alive. He values a peeny over any other form of currency. His favorite basketball player is peeny hardaway. He calls his dick his wittle peeny. In his opinion the best president ever was Abraham Lincoln, I wonder why. When not indulging in his love for peenys, flacko enjoys starting movies and never finishing them, underage women, and getting high as a kite flown by the big show.
Person 1 :"That man just picked up a dirty penny off the ground eww!"
Person 2: "Nah its fine thats just Flacko Jewye
by hueuby January 30, 2017
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A rapper from Morgan Hill, California who produced the A.G.N.B.N album and other songs on SoundCloud and was a member of VML but in January of 2017 he dropped out and snitched on people
That bitch snitch Jay Flacko ain’t good in his hood no more
by NorCal408 July 27, 2020
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A rapper that a firefighter needs to put out the fire how fire his songs are.
You need to call a Fire department on Flacko Turtle.
by Flacko Turtle January 04, 2021
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