small ticklish being who sleeps a lot but loves coffee.

has an affinity for bridges and pretty buildings.
also likes singing, playing guitar.
extremely beautiful but cannot accept that dinosaurs are better than pirates.
This is Laz - she's crazy but we like her.
by dinosaursarebetterthanpirates January 21, 2012
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Completely mysterious, alluring, charming and witty.
He laz'd the audience more and more with each magic trick. No one could fathom the greatness he held.
by Lost on Purpose August 10, 2017
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Miami's DJ; aka "The Pimp with the Limp"
"Even though everybody's in the zone, Laz ordered another bottle of Bacardi Limon"
by Tits December 4, 2004
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I just ran into my ex. That was so Laz.
by marligan November 22, 2010
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Lazer is a discord youtuber who has 3k subs soon 4k he has a large discord community with 1.9k members and it grows everyday

lazers skills are very amazing as he is good at editing and explaining discord to people who need help with discord stuff

and he is a kind person who is very creative and open-minded, he even likes white angel his cool friend
thats amazing did you laz it??!?!
by Tenshi no Hikari March 22, 2022
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A "laz" is a generalised word used to describe someone who is either day dreaming constantly, won't come out with their friends or is just generally being a fool.
"Wow did you see that kid lazzing the other day in chemistry?"
"He is staying in tonight and not coming out because he is being such a laz"
by K. Shizzle May 25, 2007
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