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a sexy black man who attracts girls and eats it up very much. someone who loves a female and it will always be his number one. Dajuans are very confusing, always are skeptic. But they are emotionally attached to their lover. They tend to be very busy and seem to be no lifers but be a life saver give dajuans a break women!
he AINT dajuan for all these females im tellin' you ! He'll never realize that a player will never be the game if he is always da-juan da 1 player. dajuans are famous at love games.
by fatallove February 18, 2011
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Usually black male who is super sexy, but is insecure about himself. who loves grammar, and thinks hes the funniest man on earth. He would be his own best friend if he could.
Da'Juan thinks he soooo funny, but he is!
Hes the hottest man ive ever seen!
by cockrocker July 13, 2011
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a male figure that is dependable and trustful towards any friend especially female
lloyd is such a dajuan, he will always have my back, and stick up for me when i have girl problems.
by flounder_hammy December 01, 2007
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Tha best balla of all time C.V.P all day all day
Kobe: Who iz da best balla in da world mah nigga?
Tracy:Iz mah nigga DaJuan dawg!!
by BallTillYaFall June 19, 2008
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A sexy black man that would tend to have a strong relationship with any girl named Sophia, Saphia. But Dosent know if he should wife her up
by Rainbowsunshinebannnaz March 06, 2018
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