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Bethel Island, California. An isle in Dirty Waters that is home to a higher than average number of methamphetamine users.
Turtle: Yo! I need a half deck of ice!

Popeye: I'm all out homey! You gotta go out to Methel Island to reup!

Turtle: Damn rogue! I'm tryin' to stay away from Dirty Waters!
by ZXY&ABC June 26, 2019

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A senior prison gang member, typically incarcerated in the SHU, who calls the shots for the soldados on the streets. The Big Homey orders removals and receives a cut of profits from drug sales.
Mosquito: Damn! I just made 10 Gs flippin' those kilos of ice! I'm gonna get some blades for my Smart Car!

Lizard: Hey fool! Before you get them blades, you gotta pay the Big Homey his 25 percent cut!

Mosquito: Fuck him! What's he gonna do? Drop the soap again? He's in the SHU!

Lizard: Listen pandejo! Word travels fast to the SHU! Your name is probably already on the Bad News List!
by ZXY&ABC March 05, 2019

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Slang for Bakersfield, California
Ex. 1

"Rodolfo 'Cheyenne' Cadena was born on April 15, 1943 in Bakersfield, California. In 1959, he and fellow Bakers homeboy Richie Ruiz were convicted of stabbing a man to death outside a Bakersfield dance hall."

Mundo Mendoza, 'Cheyenne Cadena - A Mafia Legend' July 27, 2019

Ex. 2

Ice Pick: Remember the homey Jamie Osuna from Bakers?

Snuffy: Yeah bro! That dude was a savage!

Ice Pick: Was? He still is! He beheaded his cellie and made a necklace out of the dude's organs!

Snuffy: Oh shit! Damn! Them dudes from Bakers don't fuck around!
by ZXY&ABC May 07, 2020

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Kettleman City, California. The junction of Interstate 5 and State Route 41. In-N-Out Burger is the most notable landmark.
Gordo: Make sure you get at the homey in Kettles! We got some Moon Stuff and Water comin' through! Can't let that load get popped!

Twisted: Don't worry about Kettles, Carnal. Chacho is on it. Just drop that shit at the In-N-Out!
by ZXY&ABC July 28, 2019

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Slang for Visalia, California. Pronounced Vy-sa, not Vee-sa
Tato: Hey Snoopy: I heard you pulled that 211 on the K-Mart in Visa, right? Some dude got shot and the cops rolled everyone up!

Snoopy: I don't know nuthin' about that holmes!

Tato: I'm just bustin your balls fool! I read in the paper that it was the Allen Gang!

Snoppy: I guess you could call that a Blue and Red Light Special!
by ZXY&ABC July 20, 2019

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The original online alias of YouTube SNY Prison Channel content creator Steven Michael Sigala. Now known as the Savag3 Family.
Whad up Savages? It's your boy Savag3 Studi0s! Droppin' another banger video! Comin' at you live at Walmart! Yucca Valley up in this bitch!

Check it out: I'm in the Tire Lube Express! I'm gonna loosen my nuts, grease my rod, and drain my fluids! So smash that thumbs up! And to all you hatas, cash me outside up in Barstow where you can catch a fade!
by ZXY&ABC August 21, 2020

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Slang for Fresno County Jail
Spooky: Damn Holmes! Weasel just got popped slanging shards to an under cover!

Peanut: A no good rat chomo like him ain't gonna last 5 minutes with the Bulldogs in Club Snoopy!
by ZXY&ABC July 25, 2019

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